Substitute properly

Important: The occasional intake of magnesium is not enough. The mineral must be taken continuously over weeks to months until the magnesium stores are replenished in the muscles and bones. Athletes before important competitions may begin several weeks taking in order to acquire a sufficient mineral supply. Generally speaking, regardless of sex and age the body at least 300 grams of magnesium should be fed daily. Magnesium – is no longer the “forgotten Ion”
For a long time, the science of the importance of magnesium for the biochemistry of the human body was barely conscious. Wrongly: The “forgotten Ion” is coming today more and more in the center of the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industry. Because magnesium is an essential micro-nutrient that our body can not produce itself. He must like any other nutrient are fed with food or on food supplements – because without it our body can not function. Micronutrient Magnesium Magnesium is a mineral to the electrolyte. These also include sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, and chloride. Magnesium is a positively charged ion. Quantitatively, it is derzweitwichtigste by calcium mineral of a cell. We distinguish the minerals of trace elements such as copper or selenium. Magnesium is indeed a micronutrient, but is more than just “traces” before.

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