Mission Statement


SafeSpace is a physical environment created in Lubeck to share knowledge, methods, technologies and a few select products to assist an individual attain inner peace and freedom. 

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sunThese tools and products will undoubtedly synchronize your intuition, heart and intellect into inner and outer harmony. Some techniques are ancient yet simple in practice, while other technologies are complex but equally effective and easy to use.
SafeSpace offers a variety of seminars and classes to support your discovery of inner peace and freedom. These range from optimizing the use of aromatherapy through to the use of the principles of Quantum Physics to achieve harmony and physical well being.

The SafeSpace website (provide link here) provides you with a wealth of information on research and experience in many domains. We invite you to view what is available or to contact us directly at (email and/or phone number here) where you can make an appointment for a personal consultation or to register for one of our many open lectures and information sessions.

If you are travelling to Lubeck from elsewhere, we can make arrangements for your accommodation needs. We have lovely, bright, fully equipped apartments that are your home away from home.

Call us now and begin to improve your life.