Centre for alternative Self-healing Methods

Alternative treatments can be found everywhere, often promise a lot and the background of the treatments are shown rarely transparent. SafeSpace offers you a comprehensive documentation of products and services that have been tested and found to be effective.

Conventional medicine has always its place and also pharmaceutical agents may be the best alternative for your healing. And at the same time there is more and more knowledge and experience about what we call ‘health’.

Philosophy of the center is: “All healing is alwaHall 1ys a self-healing and no therapist can repair the body. All he can do with his expertise and his technical possibilities is to create conditions under which the self-healing powers of the patient are optimally effective. On a physical and psychological level, because both are inextricably linked. “

Often the relationship between your habits and circumstances and your health is not included into any kind of treatment. The consideration of your diet, the areas of your life where you are exposed to stress, the imprints of your culture and environment play an often underestimated role in your healing process. For a healthy mind a a healthy body.