Bruce Jessop

Bruce Jessop was born in Edmundston, New-Brunswick, Canada. For close to forty years has been involved in international business, photojournalism and publishing.

He is the founder of International Hockey Archives, one of the world’s largest ice hockey photo agencies with archives dating back from 1881 to the present, with coverage in most major hockey centers worldwide. And services most major hockey revues, magazines, player cards and books internationally. He is also co-founder of Eishockey World and Ice Hockey World magazines distributed throughout Europe and North America.

An acclaimed photojournalist and former Canadian Press photographer. As a color matching expert, media companies, sports teams, professional players and fans everywhere seek after his work. He is perhaps best known and respected, for his endless dedication to the art of quality work in any product or service he is engaged in.

Bruce’s special passion is the researching of amazing products and technologies in the alternative health and energy fields to reduce the burden of dependency on humanity. This is why he opens the doors to his own home in Lübeck for selected therapists and practitioners  and founded the SafeSpace Centre. His 40 years of experience in meditation and research of alternative methods helps to support the team.







Dr. Quila Rider

Alliance of Complementary Therapeutics is a not-for- profit Healing Ministry. Founded in the mid 1990′s by Dr. Quila to assist with her desire to further her efforts at educating and assisting others in achieving and maintaining their health using natural therapies and wholesome nutrition under spiritual guidance. From the beginning in her nursing career, she noticed that no one ever seemed to really recover or get well from what ever their disorder was. For instance, if one had asthma, diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic condition, they had to continue with the medicine or treatments for the rest of their lives and they often died with the condition at an advanced stage. She knew in her heart, that the body had an inherent capability to heal when given the right conditions. Her frustrations led her into becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife to be able to give Moms and babies a safe satisfying birthing experience. She also took every class in natural and energy medicine she could find and discovered at the base of all of them was the principles of Asian Medicine, including Acupuncture. In 1996 she studied and received her PhD in Chinese Acupuncture, Medicine and Homeopathy.Shortly after that she discovered the LifeWave patches and soon discovered that she could do more with the patches than she could with all the other modalities she had training in. She joined the LifeWave team as an Independent Representative, and soon became quite proficient at using the patches and became an assistant to Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, head of Health & Science for LifeWave including training others in how to use the patches. She is a guest lecturer at the local college and has instructed EMT’s in emergency birthing techniques. She is the mother of 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. She recently retired from nursing after 40 years.