Vo-Cal Chair – Emotional Wellness Therapy

The Vo-Cal Chair™ is a combination of several dynamWellness room 2ic sciences and has resulted in one of the most highly-acclaimed products of recent decades. The Vo-Cal Chair™ first detects subconscious stress indicated through the voice and displays it as a voice map through the Vo-Cal 360™ software. The range and specific frequencies of the voice map relate to specific types of subconscious stress. Sophisticated software then analyzes the voice map and outputs the ideal frequencies through sound vibrations to balance out the voice map. The Vo-Cal  Chair™ has consistently obtained highly-repeatable, permanent, observable and measurable results. …Read More


Scenar Bio-Feedback Therapy

At the start, there was TENS (a technology of pain relief) then followed by S.C.E.N.A.R. (a technology that uses a homeopathic response) followed by Cosmodic. …Read More



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Bio Resonance

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Cranial Electrotherapheutical Stimulation

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is approved by Health Canada for the treatment of insomnia. By using the device for 20 minutes before bedtime, most patients are able to get to sleep quickly and sleep through the night (if you do not, simply return the device for a refund). The device treats insomnia by. …Read More