Magnesium physiology

A 70-pound adult has about 24 grams of magnesium in the body. At 99 percent, it sits within the cell, only about one percent of the total magnesium is in the blood. 60 percent of magnesium are bound in bone, the rest in the muscles and connective tissue. That is why it is called Magnesium also “bone and muscle mineral”. The measurable total magnesium content is 0.7 to 1 mmol / liter of plasma. Thus, the liquid is meant outside of our cells. Therefore measurable is only a fraction (one percent!) Of magnesium in our body. The important magnesium within the cells did not detect the laboratory with this relatively inaccurate diagnosis. From “plasma magnesium” in turn are 55 percent free float (as magnesium ion), the remaining 45 percent are bound to proteins and other molecules. What does the magnesium in our cells? More than 300 enzymes (proteins that control metabolic processes) are dependent on magnesium as a cofactor.

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